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Position  Board of Directors Tournament Committee

Angler Status

Residence Cellular Home Email Full Member
Bob Henegar President & Web Master




Cordova, TN 901-484-7547 901-759-9927 henegar.robert@yahoo.com Yes
Gary Beaty, Sr. Vice President & Tournament Master XX XX Boater Cordova, TN 901-652-3823 901-753-3822 garybeaty@bellsouth.net Yes
Scott McKell Treasurer XX XX Boater Millington, TN 901-494-1188 901-876-3690 smckell158@yahoo.com Yes
Jamie Beaty Secretary XX XX Non-Boater Cordova, TN 901-239-2702 901-753-3822 gbeaty90@yahoo.com Yes
Andrew Allgood   Board Member XX XX Non-Boater Cordova, TN 901-606-7773   Uga134@aol.com Yes
Cody Blackwell         Non-Boater Memphis, TN 901-395-6453   Cody.blackwell1991@gmail.com Yes
Larry Holderfield       Boater Memphis, TN 901-237-4550   laholderf@bellsouth.net Yes
Joe Galbreath       Boater Cordova, TN 901-755-1317   gaygalbreath@gmail.com Yes
Brad Smith       Boater Millington, TN 901-451-1358   Yes
David Allen       Boater Saulsbury, TN 901-848-1339   painter261977@yahoo.com Yes



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